ReadyNas (sparc) disk copy

So one day your readynas decides to give it up and you need to get your data from the ReadyNAS disk onto you pc.

Thing you know is that your ReadyNAS sparc is running Debian kind of distro and is certainly  NOT x86 !

You remove the disk from your ReadyNAS bay, build it into your pc or server. Start your pc and then nothing.
Whatever you do it is just not working.

Don’t worry because the is a solution. A tricky one, but there is one !

You need a computer with Ubuntu installed on it ( Ubuntu is also a Debian based Linux Distro ). There are
probably more ways to do it but google was nog my friend to help out on this one.

First install the needed software packages and modify the lvm configuration :

  1.  sudo su ( password is your own password )
  2. apt-get install fuseext2
  3. apt-get install lvm2
  4. modprobe fuse

Modify lvm configuration file [ /etc/lvm/lvm.conf ]

  • sysfs_scan from 1 -> 0
  • md_component_detection from 1 -> 0


Now reboot your system.

After reboot, logon, become root and do some magic 😉

  1. sudo su ( password is your own password )
  2. modprobe fuse
  3. vgscan ( ReadyNAS disk is probably vg: c )
  4. vgchange -ay c
  5. mkdir -p /mnt/raiddisk
  6. fuseext2 -o ro -o sync_read /dev/c/c /mnt/raiddisk ( mount read-only, just in case something tries to change the data )


So now if it all went well you will find your data in [  /mnt/raiddisk ]