FireFox Tweak Memory Usage

Mozilla Firefox has loads of fans, but many of them complain that sometimes the world’s favourite browser acts as a memory hog, i.e. takes up too much system memory. Today we will show you how to optimize firefox for faster loading while taking up less system resources.

This firefox tweak works on versions 2+ and 3. Please follow the steps below:

about:config (no spaces)

In the address line and click enter, you’ll get a small alert and next step will be to click on the “I’ll be careful, I promise!”

Right click with the mouse and then New -> Boolean

Now you’ll have the New Bolean Value, you should type this:

config.trim_on_minimize (again, no spaces – just as it is)

click OK, and chose TRUE.
Now initialize firefox (close it and re-open)

The result: saving tons of memory and will make the browser faster.

For more information, click here