RedHat Enterprise & Clustering

RedHat Enterprise & Clustering

  • clustat
  • clusvcadm -s stop
  • clusvcadm -e enable/startclusvcadm -d disable/stop
  • clusvcadm -R service :same node
  • clusvcadm -r service :other node
  • system-config-cluster (x11) send to cluster !!!
    create vg, logical volume etc
  • pvcreate;vgcreate;lvcreate lock erro in cluster dan clvmd killen (-9) en /etc/init.d/clvmd start (restart duurt lang, kan alleen op node zonder packages!!, kill -9 en start kan wel op node met packages)

lvconvert -m0 ‘hele lvname’ ‘disk’ (die eruit moet, log gaat vanzelf mee)
info: lvs -a -o +devices vgcluster

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